WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

In the end, Bobby Lashley took his revenge. He registered a tremendous victory defeating Omos and MVP

in a 2 on 1 handicap match. The most special thing about this match was that Lashley made MVP in bad condition and won this match only by getting him taped out.

Lashley and the MVP were about to start the match

but the MVP soon gave the tag to Omos. Omos dominated most of the bout and the MVP came in and tried to clean his hand from time to time.

Meanwhile, Omos slammed Lashley into the barricade and it looked like the countout would result in Lashley's defeat

However, this did not happen and Lashley saved himself by entering the ring at the last minute. Meanwhile, Lashley delivered a powerful spear to MVP

Omos sent Alexander out of the ring, but it gave Lashley time off. Lashley uses the spear to send Omos out of the ring.

After this, Lashley got caught in the heart lock, spoiling the condition of the MVP and with this move the MVP collapsed.

He was left with no other option but to tap out. With this, Lashley also took his revenge on MVP and Omos.